Thank you for your interest in the Powerful Marketer Program.

Here is a quick overview of how you can join the program.

⯈  STEP 1: Choose the desired version of the PMP on 

There are 2 different options available. Please click on the version with which you’d like to join:

  STEP 2: On the desired version’s landing page, you can choose to create a free account (7-day access to introduction videos) or purchase the full access.

Start by clicking on the “Sign up now!” button.

  STEP 3: This will lead you further down the landing page, where you can choose to create a 7-day FREE PREVIEW account or PURCHASE the program.

Click on the button “Purchase” to continue with the transaction. Or, click on the button “Free Preview” to start by creating an account and previewing the introductory materials.

  STEP 4: Create an account by filling in the data.

  STEP 5: Fill in your payment details.

If you have a coupon for a discount, click on the “Have a coupon?” link before entering the card details and clicking on “Purchase”.

If you need any assistance, please contact us: