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Powerful Stories

Powerful Marketer Program has influenced many individuals. See these powerful stories as a proof of PMP's transformational effect!

"A unique and powerful tool to help understand humanity."

Tiina Naarits-Linn, psychologist and crisis counselor

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"I've transformed my life with these principles and tools."

Laura Kukemelk, co-founder of Powerful Marketers

My growth journey over the last 5 years is proof that PMP truly has the power of changing lives! I've overcome my fears and limiting beliefs, and am actively creating my dream life.

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"Perfection no longer holds me back from making my dreams come true!"

Maritta Oskin, marketing manager

Overcoming my desire to please others and battling the fear of not being good enough was not an easy thing to do. But having a systematic approach and a better understanding of fundamental truths in life and in business have really empowered me to take on new challenges!

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"Most professional project I've ever worked on!"

Andy Kay, copyeditor

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"It contributes so much to the success of marketers!"

Nathan Manzaneque, CEO of Inspire Consulting

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"Everything is logical and it's easy to follow!"

Maria Helena-Naarits, member of Powerful Marketers Community

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