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  • 1. Complete the program

    To become a PMP ambassador, you need to have graduated from the Powerful Marketer Program. If you have not yet completed it, you can purchase it with a -50% discount.

  • 2. Be active and share information

    You are a representative of everything that PMP is about. Actively talk and share information about PMP in your personal and professional networks to generate interest.

  • 3. Earn a commission

    Earn a 20% commission for every customer referred by you. Earn an extra 500€ for every 10th customer. Keep track of your results with our Affiliate Dashboard.

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Check out these frequently asked questions.

  • How can I become an ambassador?

    You need to apply to our PMP Brand Ambassador program. Applying is free of charge.

  • Can anybody become an ambassador?

    Yes, as long as you have completed the Powerful Marketer Program and have sincere interest in promoting it.

  • How does the commission work?

    You will get a custom Affiliate Link. For every person who purchases the program through your link, you'll receive a 20% commission on the net value of the sale.

    Bear in mind that Ourpower OÜ (Ltd) is based in Estonia and acts according to the taxation laws of Estonia. The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Estonia is 20% which is why this is excluded from the calculation of the commission. For example, if the value of the sale is 990€, the VAT (20%) is 198€ which is deducted from the amount of the sale. Therefore the expected payout is (990€-198€) x 20% = 158,4€.

    For every 10th person joining through your Affiliate Link,you'll be rewarded with an extra 500€.

  • How often can I get paid?

    You can keep track of your expected income inside the Affiliate Dashboard. The payouts are done in the beginning of every month. However, there is a 1 month waiting period following the sale in case the customer requests a refund during that time. For example, if you've made 2 sales in January, you'll get the commission for those 2 sales in the beginning of March. For sales done in February, you'll get the commission in April, etc.

  • Why should people purchase through my link?

    As a brand ambassador, you can choose to motivate your prospects with discount codes. Bear in mind, that if a customer joins with a discount, then the commission decreases by the discount amount. For example, the Brand Ambassador can choose to give out a -10% discount code to encourage the prospect to sign up; as a result of that particular sale the Brand Ambassador will not receive 20% of the product value, but the remaining 10%. Another example would be that the Brand Ambassador gives out a -5% discount code and as a result receives a 15% commission. The discount codes are not mandatory and it is up to the Brand Ambassador to decide if and how big of a discount is given (max 20%).

  • What if people first found out about PMP through me, but later join not through my Affiliate Link?

    Every person entering the website through your Affiliate Link will get a unique cookie that lasts for 30 days. As long as the prospect signs up within the 30 days of first visiting, they will be associated with you and you can expect a 20% payout.

  • What do I need to do as a PMP Brand Ambassador?

    First and foremost, you need to be a great example that PMP works. Be open about your experience and share your key learnings from the program. We expect you to be active in social media, too: minimum 1 post per month on informational platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Email) and minimum 1 post per month on informal platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Powerful Marketers Community, Pinterest). You are always welcome to share more.

  • How do I know what I can post?

    The main criteria is that you speak the truth and always keep in mind the positive brand image of Powerful Marketer Program. We encourage you to follow all of our brand channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Community, Instagram and Weekly Tips email list) to gather information and share what's most relevant to you.

  • Will I be alone in this process?

    Being a PMP Brand Ambassador requires a lot of individual work and taking responsibility for your actions and results. However, you will not be alone in this and you can always reach out to other PMP Brand Ambassadors inside our private community.

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