No more mindless struggling in marketing!

You don't have to reinvent your marketing every time you realize that yet another thing is not working for your business. Instead of just doing more, do the right things! Focus on creating a long-term strategy and an actionable tactical plan to start seeing consistent results in your marketing.

  • Learn how to create a marketing strategy that serves the goals of your business.

  • Combat common misconceptions in marketing, sales and customer service.

  • Become aware of potential threats in marketing strategy implementation.

  • Choose the right marketing channels for your business and for your target audience.

  • Improve your results in marketing thanks to consistent and deliberate action.

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Laura Kukemelk, co-founder of Powerful Marketers

Here is your course overview:

  • 1


    • #1 Introduction

  • 2


    • #2 Why you need a strategy

    • #3 SMARKETING framework for strategy creation

    • #4 General misconceptions in marketing

    • #5 Potential threats in marketing strategy implementation

  • 3

    Marketing Channels

    • #6 Advertising ABC

    • #7 How to choose the correct marketing channels for your business

    • #8 Channels Comparison Tool action item + video tutorial

  • 4

    Content Marketing

    • #9 How to find your voice as a brand?

    • #10 Social Media Channels & their characteristics

    • #11 Content Marketing

    • #12 Content Creation Strategy & Plan template + video tutorial

    • #13 Integrated Marketing Concept and action plan + video tutorial

  • 5

    What's next?

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