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The 10-week intensive course guides you through the 5 modules of the Powerful Marketer Program and ensures that you remain accountable and motivated with the help of your personal coach. Together we'll carefully choose your goals and KPI-s, which we'll track every week. Within 10 weeks, you can be sure to have implemented new powerful habits into your life. This course is perfect for anyone who craves for a big change in their life and who's willing to invest 10 weeks of their life for a happier, more successful version of themselves!

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What's included in this version of PMP:

Here is an overview of the version: 1:1 COACHING FULL ACCESS WITH CERTIFICATION.

There are also 2 payment options available: a one-time payment with instant access to all of the content, and a payment plan with scheduled content release. Make sure you choose the version of PMP that works best for you!

  • Intensive 10-week course: Powerful Marketer Program®

  • 893 minutes of audiovisual learning material

  • 47 tools, templates & action items that you can implement straight away

  • 8 bonus items for advanced growth

  • 12 months access to the software

  • Private 1:1 coaching calls & supportive group calls to keep you accountable (10 calls in 10 weeks)

  • An invite to the members only family group

  • A certification exam at the end of the course

What you will learn in PMP:

We have combined hundreds of learning materials and resources into one single powerful learning process that combines 25 hours of interactive material, videos, tools.

  • 1

    Welcome to the Powerful Marketer Program!

  • 2

    Module 1: Mental Awareness

  • 3

    Module 2: Marketing Cognition

    • Introduction to Module 2

    • Video #1: Fundamentals

    • Video #2: Self-perpetual Marketing

    • Video #3: Powerful Audit

    • Video #4: Focus & Brainstorming

    • Key Learnings of Module 2

    • Action Items

    • Bonus Items

  • 4

    Module 3: Marketer's Disciplines

    • Introduction to Module 3

    • Video #1: Strategy & Tactical Plan

    • Video #2: Powerful Content

    • Video #3: Legislation

    • Video #4: Trends & Automation

    • Key Learnings of Module 3

    • Action Items

    • Bonus Items

  • 5

    Module 4: Communication Literacy

  • 6

    Module 5: Action & Leadership

  • 7

    Powerful Marketer Takeaways

    • Powerful Marketer Takeaways

    • The Ethical Principles of Powerful Marketers (Action Item)

Generate success with all the action items:

These tools, templates, tests and printouts are carefully crafted to help you find and maintain clarity in your work and personal life.

    • Competency Test Tool & Meaningful Goals Generator
    • The PMP Growth Formula: Your Business’ House Concept Template
    • Template for setting customer service standards
    • Annual RESULT Audit Worksheet
    • The Eisenhower Matrix Tool with Monthly Goal Setting Template
    • The 12-month Marketing Plan Template
    • Content Creation Strategy & Plan Template
    • GAINSx Profile Mapping Template
    • Network Audit Template
    • Game Changing Connectors List Template
    • PSP MIP Agenda
    • Project Management template to handle different projects simultaneously
    • Trello System for Program Content

    • The 8-8-8 Tool to live a more balanced life
    • Anxiety Identification Tool
    • Personal KPI Creator Tool
    • Typical Marketing Decisions Tool
    • Competitors Mapping Tool
    • Brainstorming Tool
    • Channels Comparison Tool
    • Trends Validation Tool (DKM)
    • Generations Identifier Tool
    • Network Depth & Width Assessment Tool
    • Emotions vs Decision Making Framework
    • Audit Checklist With Guiding Questions
    • Marketing Ideas Foolproof Checklist
    • Checklist before any networking event

    • Marketer’s Pyramid of Needs (based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)
    • Dealing with Confrontation with the LAST technique
    • Client Journey Flywheel
    • The 8 P-s of Marketing & Typical Marketing Decisions By Sectors
    • Design Sprint process Printout
    • SMARKETING Principles
    • Social Media Channels Comparison
    • Meaning of Colors
    • Global Marketing Legislation Framework
    • Trends Resources List
    • Life Curve Framework Printout
    • Competencies & Skills Resources List
    • Accountability Questions
    • Time Management Tips
    • The Ethical Principles of Powerful Marketers

    • Marketer's BPS Test
    • Addiction Test to uncover hidden obstacles in your life
    • Behavioral Styles Test
    • Approach Generator Test
    • Inspirational Leadership Test
    • Belonging Evaluation Tool
    • Emotion-Reaction Assessment
    • Personal Development Questionnaire
    • Emotions Journal
    • Symptoms of Anxiety & Anxiety Identification Test
    • Competitor Research & Feedback Tools
    • PESTLE Tool
    • Achievements Log Matrix

The first graduates are already enjoying their success as Powerful Marketers!

Now it's your turn to work on your growth and to become the best version of yourself.

Powerful Stories

Powerful Marketer Program has influenced many individuals. See these powerful stories as a proof of PMP's transformational effect!

"A unique and powerful tool to help understand humanity."

Tiina Naarits-Linn, psychologist and crisis counselor

Connect with Tiina Naarits-Linn on her website.

"It consists of so many inspirational aspects and call-to-actions!"

Marina Gutel-Reile, co-owner of marketing agency Stillabunt OÜ

Connect with Marina Gutel-Reile on her website.

"Thanks to this program I am more present than ever before."

Aneth Tinnus, marketing specialist

Connect with Aneth Tinnus on Facebook.

"This program helps you to be a better person!"

Dirgis Kaarlõp, advisor at Estonian Ministry of Finance

Connect with Dirgis Kaarlõp on Facebook.

"It has great action items that I can use to strategically plan my work better!"

Gerli Grünthal, performance marketing manager

Connect with Gerli Grünthal on LinkedIn.

"This program is something that you do not know you need, but you do!"

Maria Helena-Naarits, psychologist and marketing enthusiast

Connect with Maria-Helena Naarits on Facebook.

"I have to say that PMP affected my life and my work in a very positive way!"

Maritta Oskin, marketing manager

Connect with Maritta Oskin on LinkedIn.

"I've transformed my life with these principles and tools."

Laura Kukemelk, co-founder of Powerful Marketers

My growth journey over the last 5 years is proof that PMP truly has the power of changing lives! I've overcome my fears and limiting beliefs, and am actively creating my dream life.

Read Laura's inspiring story HERE.

"Most professional project I've ever worked on!"

Andy Kay, copyeditor

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"It contributes so much to the success of marketers!"

Nathan Manzaneque, CEO of Inspire Consulting

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