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What can you expect?

New challenge every month!

The Golden Ratio of Powerfulness is your core of strength as a marketer. In order to be successful in the long run, it is important that you are balanced in all the 3 key areas: psychological, intellectual and physical. If you consistently work on these areas, you'll feel more in tune with yourself, your stress levels will go down and you'll gain control of your life and your achievements.

On the first day of every month, we'll challenge you to implement a new powerful habit into your life for at least 21 days. Each habit will support one of the key areas of your Golden Ratio of Powerfulness. Even if you don't feel like some challenges are for you, we encourage you to give it a try - you may surprise yourself!

Current Challenge: Improve Your Creativity

Our January challenge focuses on your intellectual well-being. Set aside time to work on increasing your creativity!

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Upcoming challenges

Eager to see what challenges await in the following months?

  • Key area #1: PSYCHOLOGICAL

    - Manage your emotions

    - Meditate daily

    - Improve close relationships

    - Become grateful to yourself

    - Keep a diary

  • Key area #2: INTELLECTUAL

    - Read and expand your knowledge

    - Write and become more creative

    - Become a professional at building business relationships

    - Learn a new skill

  • Key area #3: PHYSICAL

    - Control your digital consumption

    - Move your body

    - Play and unlock your creativity

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