Being a marketer is hard.

Marketers are not just advertisers. You know it takes so much more. However, marketer's efforts are often underappreciated and it can feel like a never-ending grind. But it doesn't have to be like this. We are here to empower marketers from all over the world to take responsibility for their success and build a happier, more meaningful life!

  • Feeling like an imposter as a marketer?

  • Always chasing deadlines and feeling anxious?

  • Wanting to be more respected as a professional?

  • Afraid of speaking up and networking with strangers?

  • Wishing you could take action and make your dreams come true?

Empower your life and find your purpose

Powerful Marketer Program is an online course that focuses on your growth as a marketer through 5 key areas of success:

  • Master your mindset

    Gain self-confidence and a better understanding of psychology behind every human being. Create powerful habits as a foundation for a balanced life.

  • Support your subconscious

    Understand the fundamentals and timeless strategies in business. Gain powerful knowledge and make better-informed decisions.

  • Use professional systems

    Improve your efficiency and professional capabilities by implementing powerful tools and resources in your marketing.

  • Be a better communicator

    Learn to understand different types of people and improve your communication skills to become great at networking with other experts.

  • Learn to be a leader

    Lead your own life on your own terms. Understand how accountability and leadership work to effectively manage time, people and projects.

How does Powerful Marketer Program work?

We have combined over 200 resources into one simple system: 5 modules, 15 hours of videos and 55 action items.

Each lesson builds on top of the other, carving a path to your professional and personal success. Among others, you can expect to learn principles and insights from:

  • psychologists, such as Daniel Kahneman, Carol Dweck, Dan Ariely;
  • expert marketers, such as Seth Godin, Philip Kotler, Gerald Zaltman;
  • powerful leaders, such as Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Rory Vaden, Robert Kiyosaki, Hal Elrod, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek and many-many more!

Powerful Stories

Powerful Marketer Program has influenced many individuals. See these powerful stories as a proof of PMP's transformational effect!

"A unique and powerful tool to help understand humanity."

Tiina Naarits-Linn, psychologist and crisis counselor

Connect with Tiina Naarits-Linn on her website.

"It consists of so many inspirational aspects and call-to-actions!"

Marina Gutel-Reile, co-owner of marketing agency Stillabunt OÜ

Connect with Marina Gutel-Reile on her website.

"Thanks to this program I am more present than ever before."

Aneth Tinnus, marketing specialist

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"This program helps you to be a better person!"

Dirgis Kaarlõp, advisor at Estonian Ministry of Finance

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"It has great action items that I can use to strategically plan my work better!"

Gerli Grünthal, performance marketing manager

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"This program is something that you do not know you need, but you do!"

Maria Helena-Naarits, psychologist and marketing enthusiast

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"I have to say that PMP affected my life and my work in a very positive way!"

Maritta Oskin, marketing manager

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"I've transformed my life with these principles and tools."

Laura Kukemelk, co-founder of Powerful Marketers

My growth journey over the last 5 years is proof that PMP truly has the power of changing lives! I've overcome my fears and limiting beliefs, and am actively creating my dream life.

Read Laura's inspiring story HERE.

"Most professional project I've ever worked on!"

Andy Kay, copyeditor

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"It contributes so much to the success of marketers!"

Nathan Manzaneque, CEO of Inspire Consulting

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